Cotton Picking Machine (warehouse)

Cotton Picking Machine (warehouse)

General Specifications

Double Rows Combined Shifting System Tractor Pulled Cotton Harvesting Machine

Attention Befor the Harvest

• Use of drying drugs  as a preparation before the cotton harvest must be quite late. The drug must be used in plenty.
• The cotton leaves must be dry and defoliated completely, apply to farming engineers for it, it must be done to run your machine efficiently.

Number of Rows 2
Row Spacing 60-65-70-75-80 cm.
Collection System Chain System
Height Detection With wheels, small diameter
Gathering Speed 6.3 - 7.8 km/h.
Tractor Suitability 75 hp. 540 d/d.
Clear (Shift) 50 cm. Ø double band saw system
Cotton Loading System Double fan Ø 80 cm.
Hydraulic System 250 bar
Oil Capacity 80 lt.
Hydraulic System Type Closed System
Pump Type Tandem
Tire Size 12.5/80 - 15.3
Tire Pressure 50 psi
Color RAL 3020 Red - RAL 1033 Yellow
Tank Capacity 18 m3
Tank Unloading Height 4 m
Unloading Type Double Piston
Length 5.50 cm.
Width 4.60 cm.
Height 2.50 cm.
Abdominal Height 35 cm.
Weight 3900 Kg.

The cotton harvesting machine, which harvests 2 rows of cotton is pulled by tractor.

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