Bale Machine

Bale Machine

General Specifications

BALE MACHINE OZN / 05 ( ozn04-ozn06 )

  • 3 rope knot  System Due to Time Efficiency
  • Direct Transmission Connected Spindle and Shaft System
  • Fast and Quick Running Special Gearbox
  • Any Type of Condition (Light Damp, Dusty) Ensures that the binding group to be kept clean and    Standard Mounting Fan
  • Two-way piston system that moves the collecting device according to the working situation in   
Length 5350 mm.
5350 ملم
Width 2440 mm
2440 ملم
Weight 2150 kg
2150 كغ
Tire Size Right / Left 10.0/75-15,3 10pr.
10.0/75-15,3 10PR.
Daily Capacity 2500/300 Adet
Support Wheel Var
30-135 cm
30-135 سم
20-28 kg
20-28 سم
Power Requirement 70/80 HP
70/80 حصان
66 cm
66 سم
78 Strock/min
Pick-up Width 1400 (OZN04)
1555 (OZN05)
1620 (OZN06)
Set 3 ipli
Rotary Chopper Size (OZN04) 1400 mm
(OZN05) 1520 mm
(OZN06) 1620 mm

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