Automatic Haulm Collecting Mini Straw Machine

Automatic Haulm Collecting Mini Straw Machine

General Specifications

After the reaping of grains as wheat, barley oat , rye, say beans, corn, clover, it automatically picks up the stems which are leaved by combine on the field and makes them straw and puts in trailer.

Height 2500 mm.
Width 2500 mm.
Length 2600 mm
Weight 1300 kg
Tire Size  
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Walking Speed 2 ,3 and 4 Slow Transmission
Working Capacity 1.9 Tons / Hour
Bator Depth 1000 mm
Bator Type Bolted System/Blaed System
Front Collector 1750 mm
Power Requirement 48 hp

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